Wade’s Challenge

As a class project for my son, I challenged him to start his own Youtube channel, learn to film, edit, and publish his own videos. In addition, I also challenged him to create a brand.

I have been very impressed with his naturally creative abilities and ease of being in front of the camera. Thus far, he has turned his ideas into a business that is surely on it’s way.

His Youtube channel has turned into a T-shirt brand called Wade Outdoors, and about everything he loves to do–hunt and fish.

This is one of my favorite videos to date. Check it out and leave your comments about the video.

Until next time, challenge yourself to try something new.

Rural America Girl

Introducing Wade Outdoors, a new t-shirt line for Fall 2017.

Enjoy this promo video, and don’t forget to order your t-shirt and ammo necklace before they go out of season!


Rural America Girl

About Rural America Girl

Lisa, Rural America Girl is an author, speaker, self-image coach, and founder of Princess Charm School. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Join Lisa as she counts the cow, feeds the chickens, gathers the eggs, and celebrates faith, family, freedom, and rural life.

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