First Hunt

A few days ago, my son Wade took his big sister Sarah duck hunting for the first time.

They both got up at 5 a.m. put on their camo and long johns, and made their way to the pond before sunrise.

They took their shutguns, duck calls, duck decoys, and lawn chairs and camped out in the tall grass, aka the duck blind.

Wade staked out his new duck decoys on the pond in hopes that ducks flying over would notice them and come for a short visit.

Sarah stood by and took pictures with her iphone as the sun gently started peaking up over the horizon.

Settled into their chairs, they got into position to stare at the water and listen for the sound of rustling wings overhead.

This is Sarah’s first hunt and it turned out to be a good one. She held her gun ready for Wades’s call in anticipation to point and shoot.

“I see them coming.” he said quietly. “I hear them coming in from the distance. Get Ready!” Slowly raising their shotguns to their jaws as they listened to the whistling of duck wings circling in for a landing. “Go!”

Boom, boom, boom 12-gage.  The shots fired. Those ducks fortunate to survive scattered and hurried off as fast as they came in.  Those less fortunate remained on the pond.

She got one!  She was so excited. Her first hunt and her first duck.

What beautiful pictures.

I love to see my children playing well together and doing things they love to do.

Sarah loved her first hunt so much, she can’t wait to go back. She’s officially a duck junkie.

Good for her. Bad for the ducks.

Go hunting,

Rural America Girl–Lisa



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