Don’t just tolerate life, celebrate it.

Recently, I ran onto a video from a country girl I follow on Facebook, Courtenay Dehoff TV. I enjoyed watching and listening to her last video on “Could Rural America hold the solution?”

In a way, I took this video as a confirmation to what I have been working on–Rural America Girl. Thank you Courtenay.

Over a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with what I consider a divine inspiration. It was the vision of Rural America Girl. I immediately woke up and started to fill a notebook with stories, designs, and other ideas. I knew this was something I had been longing for, and I knew it was divine.

How did I know?

#1.  I’m not smart enough to think up these things on my
own, and
#2.  God’s word says He would give His children dreams
and visions.
#3.  The vision is much about who I am and nothing

Since then, I have been earnestly working on making Rural America Girl what it is today. It’s still in the beginning stages, but at least it is on the way.

Why Rural America?

My husband and I were raised in rural America and are raising our children the same way. On our little farm, you can find all kinds of animals including cows, chickens, goats, ducks, guineas, dogs, and of course horses. Our children were raised on horseback, in rodeo arenas, show rings, and know the hard work involved in keeping up a farm. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rural America folk understand what the meaning of hard work is, and the value of having a good neighbor. They have no time to hate, call people names, or gripe about the weather.  They are up with the sunrise and chickens, giving of themselves unselfishly and tending to the things that matter the most. Instead of tolerating life, they celebrate it.

They celebrate the beautiful morning sunrises and sunsets.  The smell of freshly cut hay, seeing the wave of their crops growing in the fields as the gentle prairie wind blows, and the call of their animals at feeding time as if it were a “Hello and Thank You.”  They choose to love, to lend a helping hand, and to be there when a baby foal is being born.

For me, rural America is a place where I call home. It’s where my story began and will end.  The country and cowboy way of life is the only way I know. It is woven into the foundation of this country.

I believe it’s time we head on back to the foundation that made America so great in the beginning—hard work, kindness, God, and the rural America life.

“It’s time for something positive, encouraging, and uplifting, something that is designed to bring out the importance of how we should all celebrate more, and treasure our faith, our freedoms, our families, and our lives.

Will you join me Lisa, Rural America Girl, as I count the cows, feed the chickens, gather the eggs, and enjoy life in Rural America.”

A few cool t-shirts.

Rural America Girl

About Rural America Girl

Lisa, Rural America Girl is an author, speaker, self-image coach, and founder of Princess Charm School. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Join Lisa as she counts the cow, feeds the chickens, gathers the eggs, and celebrates faith, family, freedom, and rural life.

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