First Hunt

A few days ago, my son Wade took his big sister Sarah duck hunting for the first time. They both got up at 5 a.m. […]

Dogs, Duck Calls, and T-shirts

Hello it’s Friday and what a beautiful fall day it is for the month of November, and guess what? It is duck season. My son […]

Camera Journey

The past couple of years, I have discovered a new creative passion–taking pictures and making videos. I never knew I was capable of doing such […]

Wade’s Challenge

As a class project for my son, I challenged him to start his own Youtube channel, learn to film, edit, and publish his own videos. In […]

Frozen Sausage Patties

Cooking breakfast can be a hassle especially if you are running late or don’t get up in time to cook it.  I can’t understand why […]

My Farm Kitchen-Episode 1-Meatloaf

In this first episode of Rural America Girl’s Farm Kitchen, I show you how to make a meatloaf you and your family can enjoy. I […]

Chopped Veggies

Chopping veggies sounds exhausting and time consuming after all, who has time to slice and dice? There are many kitchen tools that are available to […]

Garlic Vinegar Dressing

Growing up, our dinner meals always included a salad. It was served as a side dish next to the wonderful and scrumptious meal mom prepared […]

Rainbow Salad

My family loves to eat salad especially my younger daughter Raychel.  It’s a wonder she doesn’t have bunny ears by now. Ever since she was […]